Submit your resume with the visa application

Let’s say you have graduated in 2016 and you received an offer letter to achieve your higher study in Canada in 2019. It is clear that you are a qualified candidate and that is why you are accepted for the program. Great!

Next great thing will be submitting a resume along with your visa application. Resume! OK,sometime we call it CV. I am going to explain why you should do it with two separate reasons-

#1. You have a study gap which is more than two years. You need to explain what you have done during that time when you were out of school. A resume is the best way to explain it. It says a lot about you in few words. Don’t forget resume is chronological and action based description of your time and life events. It is like a zip/compressed folder.

#2. Make your application assessment easy for your the visa officer. A resume just not only simplify your visa application but it also increase your chances of getting a positive response.

There are other benefits too, but I think the above two points make it clear that you should submit a resume along with the visa application.

Next the most important thing is resume itself. I don’t want to explain all aspects of a resume in general. In fact, I am not a resume specialist. The purpose this particular resume you are going to submit with visa application is simple. To make your visa assessment easier for the visa officer. Just remember that you are not applying for a Job. So, Job description on your resume is not important.
A verbose resume is not recommended in modern days. So avoid making your resume too verbose. Keep it simple and readable.

Keep your latest activities on top-

1.a. Professional experience
1.b. Projects
2.a. Academic qualifications
2.b. Publication
2.c. Research activity
3. English Proficiency
4. References

There is a sample resume attached below. If you want to download the resume you can do it here