Quick IELTS preparation from home – Academic

Where to start from? – Yes! This is the right question you should ask yourself.

Remember everything starts at zero. This is the golden rule of starting anything. 

IELTS – as you all know this is just an English Proficiency Test. An exam patent by the Cambridge University, UK. Two organizations formed by Cambridge University named British Council and IDP who hold this exam all over the world.

IDP and British Council exams are the same bit by bit.

Now let’s see how you can take preparation from home. and achieve the desired score.

0: Be confident about your English Knowledge. Remember you are studying English since grade-1.

  • IELTS tests your response skills NOT vocabulary skills.
  • Your speaking is good if you can reply to someone with simple words and keep going with short conversations. (Band 6 is achievable anytime) 
  • Listening is all about practice. By completing 14 sample tests anyone can get band 6.5
  • Reading is easy if you get the right technique. A band 6 is way easier than anyone thinks. [Read 1 question and answer 1 at a time]
  • Writing the hardest if you target for band 7.5 – 9. But making it 6 – 6.5 is a piece of cake.

1: Use online resources. There are tons of online sample tests. All you need to do is to practice at least one item a day.

2: For speaking practice best resource is to see different IELTS mock interviews on YouTube. Just type “IELTS Speaking” and press “Enter”. There are a number of mock interviews available for free LIKE THIS

3: If your target score is 6 – 6.5. Then practice at home for 30 days. The number of mock-ups and sample tests to complete are –

  • Reading – at least 10 sample tests. You need to correct 23 out of 40 questions to achieve band – 6. Easy yey!!
    • To get this score just follow this one single rule. Read 1 question at a time and answer 1 at a time. Feat and repeat
  • Listening – A score between 6 – 7.5 is likely what you are going to get after completing 14 practice tests.
  • Writing – Someone who can write 400 – 450 words in an hour either by hand or on a computer can get up to 6 – 7 without any doubt.
  • Speaking – Watch more and more mock-up interviews. Speaking is the easiest format of all the sections. Keep conversations going and get an easy 7.

4: Last but not least – IELTS a silly test only. Nothing to lose. Why not give it a try!!!

Good Luck!

Feel free to reach out.