How to select a college

These are few steps to follow, if your applying in a diploma or undergraduate or ESL program.

  1. Search for the exact requirements of the program you intend to study. Normally, every university or college website has a tab named ‘international’ in the  navigation menu. You can click the menu and find the necessary information you need. If you don’t understand any of their requirement, never hesitate to email them. An email in most cases gets a response. So, email !
  2. Be ready with your academic transcripts (must) and certificates (optional). Off course, translate anything in English/French, which is not in English/French. Again, if you are not applying in an university or college in Quebec or Brunswick, then I recommend translate it into English or check with the institutions (via website or email).
  3. Make sure you have met the language requirements set by the university/college, you have intended to apply for. (Not applicable for ESL program applicants)
  4. Fill up the online application form.
  5. upload necessary documents such as: passport (only information pages), your photo (if required), academic documents, study gap-letter (if more than a year), proof of English proficiency.
  6. Make payment (Average application fee $70 CAD, Might be up to $120 CAD).

A final decision normally processed within 21 days. But at certain time in a year amount of applications remains high, so you might have to wait longer than normal time. Keep yourself clam, peaceful and patient. If your application approved, you will receive an offer letter that contains:

Now, its time to proceed for student visa application and study permit. (You might not need a visa. check here if you require a visa to enter Canada). But it doesn’t matter where you are from, you must need a study permit to study in Canada, unless your program length is less than 6 months.