List of things to carry to Canada by International Students

OMG ! What to carry ! 1 Mattress,  1 oven, 1 fridge, 2 computers, 3 winter jackets….. Hey, you ! I am kidding. Canada is not a desert. You can buy almost anything locally. You won’t believe me but there are country specific grocery stores, even supermarkets in Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.

Although, you can find almost anything locally but prices will not be similar. You can definitely save some money, if you bring everything you need while you fly.

Think. Is there any list that can fit all of your requiremts ? 

Obviously, it depends on your need. I recommend you make a priority list of stuffs. Let’s see what is my recommended priority list.

My Priority list:

  • Few must needed books ( your program/research related books.)
  • Few pens, pencils and 1 program specific calculator ( you can buy those from almost anywhere in the world. But I’d buy those before anything )
  • 3 pair of spectacles, if needed.
  • 1 Heavy winter jacket, 1 light jacket (Check out some good collections here.) Anyway, Make sure you have those from the very first week. You can’t trust weather in Canada
  • 1 pair of winter boot, 1 pair of casual shoe. Winter boots are expensive locally, cheaper online.
  • Don’t buy a brand new computer. Just bring a laptop that you already have.
  • Don’t buy a new phone. Bring your old one.
  • 5 pair of socks, 7 underwear, 3 inners and  a pair of glove. Make sure you buy Winter gloves, not cleaning gloves.
  • One dinner set includes 2 plates, 2 cups, 1 knife, 4 spoons of different sizes, 1 pan, 1 cambro, 1 cutting board
  • Bring some T-shirts, formal and casual dresses, Tie and a Blazer
  • Put in the list at least 1 of each (nail cutter, tooth paste, tooth brush, comb, perfume, body spray)
  • 2 File binders
  • 2 Head phones, 1 USB driver, 1 table lamp, 1 school bag/computer bag like this.
  • 1 quilt, 2 bed sheets, 1 bed cover

oh ! Don’t forget to bring your academic documents and other important documents you submitted during application. It’s not mandatory but recommended to keep all those documents with you. At least printed copies.

I hope this list helpful to you. Have a safe journey.