IELTS reading best approaches for securing an easy 6.5

There are many ways to accomplish IELTS reading test. It is 9 out of 9 for some readers every time. But for other readers, it’s not an easy task. IELTS reading is mostly focused on practice, response, understanding tone, and time management. A very little depends on vocabulary. 

Let’s see why I believe so…

There are 40 questions to answer in 60 minutes, and approximately there are 6 types of questions. Below, I am discussing each question type along with a response style and some tricks.


IELTS Reading practice is not fun. Just practice one part at a time/day (13 or 14 questions). Leave it as soon as you get tired of it. 

Also if some reading seems very difficult or not interesting, Skip it. There is not point trying to overcome the difficulties in sample tests. It doesn’t help most of the times.



Response: Read 1 question at a time and then answer it. Repeat the same response style.

Tricks: Not given means – Directly nothing has been said about the statement.

For example:  If a statement is – “Man is Mortal”. This is universally true, we all know. But in the paragraph, if you can’t find it then the answer will be “Not Given”.


#2. Choose a title for the paragraph


  • First read all the titles at once quickly. Don’t waste much time there.
  • Read the first paragraph. Don’t read it fully. I will say the first 4 sentences. (Look for the topic sentence/theme of the paragraph. It normally found within the first 4 sentences)
  • Then go back to the questions and quickly try to match with a title or search for a close match.
  • 90% correct answer is possible this way. Repeat
  • Don’t waste much time if a few titles are confusing. Skip it go to the next question.


#3. Fill in the blanks

Response:  Read one question at a time then answer one at a time.


  • Fill in the blanks always target one or two paragraphs of the whole essay. That means – you will find all the answers in one or two paragraphs.
  • The exact words for the answer always can be found in the paragraph. You don’t have to think of a new word.


Always skip the question if it seems difficult to find an answer.


#4. Multiple Choice questions: 

Response: First read the question only. Leave the options alone.

Then find out that question-related information in the paragraph and go back to read the options and answer it.


#5. Pick a word from the list or box and complete the sentence

Response:  Read 1 question at a time and answer. Repeat the same response style.

Tricks: These types of questions mostly covered within one or two paragraphs. So, the best bet will be to find the paragraph by a quick glance.


#6.  Flow chart:

Response: Easiest among all the question types. This is also should be done by reading one question at a time.

Trick: This question type covered in one or two paragraphs. So, the best thing is to find targeted paragraph/s.


Think you only need 25 correct answers to score band 6.5 and 23 to remain in the band 6. There are 40 questions to answer. No negative marking, so answer them all.