Apply online for Canadian visitor visa in 2019

Why you should visit Canada? or How much does it cost for one person? Well these are broad topics to cover in one single article. You may contact us. But First thing first-

PART -1: Account and Sign in/sign up

  • Visit
  • If you already have a CIC account, then simply click “My Application” under services and information section.
  • If you are from Bangladesh at the moment you apply, you may not have a sign in partner. Sign in partners are Canadian financial institutions where online banking is possible and approved by the CIC. Then you have to go for “GCKey” sign in method.
  • In the next step, you will have to either sign in or sign up. If you have an account already- simply sign in. If not – go ahead and sign up.
  • sign up process will need
    • A username
    • Password
    • 4 mandatory account and password recovery questions
  • Click “Continue” and your GCKey account creation is completed. You should keep record of the above account information to sign in your CIC GCKey account.
  • Then Click “accept” terms and conditions. Follow next steps.
  • In this step- you will need to choose your own question and answer. There are 4 of those. Keep record of these questions and answer. Every time you login, you will need to answer any one of these questions.
  • After you have completed your questionnaire – you will be signed in. and you will see this page

PART-2: Eligibility/Assessment test

  • In this page you will be able to choose “Application type”. In our case we are going to apply for “Visitor visa”. So, we are going to click the first link that is “Visitor visa, Study and/or work permit
  • Once you click on that link, you will be prompted with ” Personal Reference Code” [ personal reference code – is a generated code given by CIC application generator after completing assessment form. It should look like –
  • As you don’t have it right now – don’t worry. Just scroll down to find a form to generate a “Personal Reference Code”. Choose one from the following eligibility/assessment form –
  • Here is one important thing – after you logged in and fill up your eligibility/assessment form -“you will not see your Personal reference code immediately“. To see that auto filled up – you will need to log out and log in again. [you will understand the reason, if you are a database or server side app developer]
  • This is how you should fill up the eligibility form. Please read this points carefully –
  • Question-4: Don’t be confused. Choose where you are at the moment of your application. In my case “India”. If you are in USA – choose USA and so.
  • Click “Next” – actually do it every time whenever you finish all questions. You can come back anytime and edit. so, never mind going fast.
  • Ok. Don’t worry about 10 year visa. You will be only eligible to stay 6 months at a time. It is a multiple entry visa valid up-to 10 years. Many people actually receive it for shorter period- according to their passport expiry date. BUT click “continue” please.
  • Most important questions – Answer wisely that perfectly describe your situation.
  • For the PURPOSE – I chose Tourism. But depending on your situation it might vary.
  • Answer these questions according to your situation or status. I did mine. Yours may be different.
  • You have a scanner [ go to a store]
  • you can pay with cards. [Go to bank, relative or friend who can help with that]
  • Then Review the questions. Must do it. If anything is wrong, correct it. If everything looks great, click “Continue”.
  • Now In this step- you will have to submit your documents.

PART-3: Submitting documents and payment

You have to submit all documents within 60 days after you have completed your eligibility/assessment test.

Required documents are –

  1. Visitor visa application form IMM5257. [Application made outside of Canada]. You don’t have to sign this form manually. Download and open in Acrobat PDF reader. Just write your name where needed. These are electronic forms.
  2. Job or Business documents.
    1. For jobs –
      1. Job agreement with job description.
      2. Salary and statement
      3. Tax payment and Tax return (if any)
    2. For business –
      1. Business registration number
      2. Tax payment and return
  3. Travel History. Mention all the countries you visited and that has record in the passport or valid travel documents.
  4. Proof of finance.
    1. Don’t go crazy. You don’t need to show more than 10000 CAD for a 6 months visitor visa. But 15000 CAD is the safe mark. saving or current accounts are preferred. Don’t show FDR.
    2. Mention if you have any fixed/passive income. Like house or market rental etc.
  5. Digital Photo. Don’t worry about photo measurement if you applying online.
  6. Write a purpose letter. Why you want to visit Canada. Ask me if you need help at
  7. Family information form IMM5645. [Careful about it. Any fraud in this field especially, will be more harmful than other fields.]

Optional documents:

you must write a cover letter and a resume if needed. On the cover letter, cover anything that you were not able to mention or include in the required documents field. Need help with cover letter ? contact me at

  • NEXT
    • Upload all the documents what you have gathered so far. DON’T RUSH. You have 60 days to complete this application.
    • Review
    • Make the payment and
    • submit and finish your application
    • Keep track of your application.

Good luck!